We have more than 8 Research & Development Centers available to meet your needs and reduce your research costs.  Learn from our experts and work with our worldwide network of medical industries and institute.

  • #1 Outstanding Asia's R&D Center for Membrane Technology
  • Top CMT in Membrane Society
  • First Asia SCI Publications
  • 18+ laboratories
  • Locate at the excellent location
  • Asia's #1 National Nanotechnology Research Center
  • Unique BME Technology Resources
  • Funds Research and Innovation
  • Molding Injection R& D Resource Center
    • Mold desing by computer-aided-enginnering
    • High speed thin-wall
    • Gas/Liquid Assisted
    • Co-injection molding
    • Microcelluar
    • Precise Monitoring Technology for Injection Molding
    • Microcelluar Injection Molding
    • Etc...


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