About Shianglong International LTD
Team up for your BME MedTech CDMO

Looking for potential partners to establish BME CDMO to provide total solutions for full-service in each country with a global footprint to fast-track your BME devices to medical device markets?

We develop together unmet needs clinical devices.  Provide Total Solutions and all Wins all the way.

Shianglong(SL) is reliable, ethical, and silent partner globally.

Together is your Money Generator - BME MedTech CDMO.

33 years BME medical devices manufacturing services – 20 years OEM services, 13 years ODM services, and let’s work together for the establishment of your BME MedTech CDMO.

Integrate all resources in Taiwan

        CRO/ CMO

        OEM and ODM

        Small-scale to medium-scale of output + Mass production near your target markets.

Mass productions

        BME Industrial Parks to serve closer to each market.

        USA markets           - South America

        China markets         - Hangzhou, China

        European markets   - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

        Other Markets         -Malaysia

Unique Worldwide integration Medical Technology center to provide Total Solutions service for you and your company.  


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